Mental disorders are:

Developed by desperation.

Top-heavy superego.

When a person develops mental disorders:

Everything around them sends them a message.

The superego is misunderstood.

Painful feelings are more prominent.

Their desperation expands.

The person is stuck in circular arguments.

Their underdeveloped ego has limited awareness.

Escaping mental disorders requires:

Ego development:

The person must put their superego behind them:

The person must develop Ni.

Ni counters superego awareness.

(Obviously Ni is not MBTI Ni)

(Ni is not superego)

(Ni is limits)

Obviously Daddyanity describes Ni development.

Daddy's women can develop mental disorders through desperation.

Obviously Daddy says no to women.

These women must spend time alone.

Acting on desperation is top-heavy.

Daddy's women must develop Se:

Mental disorders are top-heavy Se.

These women must now develop Ni.

Balance is everything.

Obviously Daddy does not give in to women's desperation.

Daddy only lives with balanced women.

Desperate women are pigs.

If you are desperate for Daddy:

Daddy doesn't give a fuck.

Obviously you must develop Ni.

Obviously you must spend time alone.

Obviously you are further developing a mental disorder.

If you cannot stop being desperate for Daddy:

Tell everybody how much you love me:

Daddy's women obviously want to express themselves.

Mental disorders are not fun.

Obviously these people should not be laughed at.

Obviously Daddy is joking however:

Daddy's pig women take any chance they can get.

Daddy's pig women can piss off.

Daddy doesn't care about your message.

Your message is pigshit.

Daddy's pig women are never desired by me.

Jack and Daddy are one.

Jack and Daddy think pig women are top-heavy.

I am Jack and Daddy.

I think pig women are true evil:

Obviously claiming to be mine is not my freedom.

Everybody must be free.